Secret Box (2017)

43 min Elektrohasch Records
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On “Secret Box” the band Carpet shows more dreamy and jazzy songs, spanning from psychedelic rock (”Temper”) to Hip Hop (”Best of Hard Times”) to even more orchestral tunes (”Secret Box”).

01. Temper
02. Best of Hard Times
03. Two Reeds
04. One Step / Minuet
05. Shouting Florence
06. For Tilda
07. Pale Limbs
08. Secret Box

Composition: Maximilian Stephan and Carpet
Production: Maximilian Stephan
Mixing: Michael Kamm
Mastering: Ludwig Maier

Maximilian Stephan Jaksch
Schertlinstraße 10c
86159 Augsburg
Mobile  +49 176 77533839